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Lara Zaccaria
excursions in the Upper Susa Valley- Cesana Torinese trekking- environmental education courses My passion for the mountains comes from very small and over the years has become my job as a ski instructor and trainer in the winter and a nature-hiking guide in the summer. My will is to be able to bring as many people as possible to get to know the mountain, in a more conscious way, making it appreciated all year round.
Marco Cavallero
From my earliest memories the mountain is always present; this passion led me to live in the mountains and mountains. In winter, freeriding and freestyle skiing keep me occupied, but when “la bianca” goes away and the earth and mud come back, I take off my pants and ski boots to wear mountain shoes and shorts. He will be happy to accompany you and show you the hidden beauties of the valleys that welcomed me.
Denis Zaccaria
Born in the mountains, I started slipping first and then walking, my life has always been surrounded by the mountains that today are my office and my beautiful job. I have a past as a competitive skier, I am a ski and MTB teacher by profession and by passion. Attracted by the mountains, they are looking for excitement through every slope, both uphill and downhill; I know every corner of our mountains. My “mission” is to convey good emotions to everyone, beginners and experts! Every day I have the chance to see that magnetic smile that every customer leaves us when he too feels a bit part of these fantastic mountains.