bike, mountain, lab, riparazioni, regolazioni
bike, mountain, lab, riparazioni, regolazioni
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Equipped internal laboratory for repair and maintenance of e-bikes and mtb.

In addition to taking care of your bikes we can offer a home delivery service so you can get your bike back as quickly as possible.

Replacing tires
The unexpected can happen. What makes them much less annoying is a professional and quick assistance service so you don’t miss out on your day off
labor 25,00 €
As far as possible (and the availability of spare parts) our laboratory will try to “get you back in the saddle” as soon as possible.
hourly cost 35,00 €
Gearbox maintenance and adjustment
One of those elements that if they work badly can make a trip a lot more annoying and heavy. We avoid it.
25,00 €

Shimano diagnostics and updates
Through an official Shimano interface we can perform a complete diagnostic of your e-bike engine, we can also make updates to the latest firmware version released by the parent company.
15,00 €